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HAUER is a well-established and quality-conscious company in the field of transport and delivery. Our efficient logistics solutions and service-minded drivers always ensure proper delivery, in the right place at the right time. The company started out as Erics Budservice AS and has since been growing steadily.

We are located in Ålesund, and also have branches in Tromsø, Molde, Åndalsnes and Oslo. We are constantly expanding, and 1. On September 30, 2016, we entered into the purchase and acquisition of Lars Kroken AS’s transport operations at Åndalsnes. This company has been named Hauer Rauma AS. In 2019, we partnered with FAFE Trans. This in order to serve the market even better and more professionally in relation to, among other things, digitization.

The industry also faces major challenges in terms of both price and driver shortages – and by forming a larger union we will be able to more easily strengthen the competitiveness of our companies. The companies will continue to emphasize being an attractive workplace with a positive and healthy corporate culture. Our largest customers demand capacity and flexibility from us as a total provider of transport services. These needs will also be more easily met with this organisation of our businesses.

The companies will outwardly be operated under the same name as today – and with the same administrative management.

The transport industry is an important industry in today’s society, where rapid dispatch and flexible deliveries are expected. To meet customer requirements, we currently have close to 190 drivers, and approximately 140 cars that are on the road day and night.

If you choose HAUER for the transport assignment, you will have a stable, reliable and efficient supplier that puts the customer’s interests at the forefront. With us, quality and punctuality are the most important!